About Page - Matt Hein

Photographer / Storyteller / Visual Artist

RxImagesPhoto is Photography by Matt Hein a NYC photographer based out of Queens who specializes in high-energy sports/fitness, commercial, portrait and life events photography.

Photos tell stories of events in our lives and are the vehicle to deliver product and/or service depiction.  As a photographer, I am passionate about capturing images that tell stories from both a visual aspect and one of an Artist.  I am constantly looking to epitomize image representation all while maintaining the highest quality.

My work has been published on CrossFit.com, The CrossFit Journal, Box Life Magazine, fitness brand affiliated blogs, as well as stock imagery for websites, including 3-2-1 Go.

My work expands to fitness competitions in the Tri-state area, including Barbells for Boobs, Asbury Park Summer Games (Seasons ‘18/’19) and Belmar Beatdown (Seasons ‘18/’19), Flex Events, and local fitness studios/events.

Who’s telling your story?

Rates and availability are available upon request via rximagesphoto@gmail.com

Follow my work @rximagesphoto @photographybymatthein

Photo (C) Linette Kielinski - Edited by Shaun Cleary (AP Games 2019)

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